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Geaux Green is a voluntary tariff that provides you with the opportunity to receive value from new renewable resources. The new renewable projects will be located across Louisiana and are expected to be operational starting in 2024.

As a subscriber to Geaux Green, you will enroll in a one-year auto renewing term, then pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for variable credit, based on the output of the renewable resource.

You will also receive the renewable energy credits associated with your energy use. These renewable energy credits will be retired by Entergy Louisiana on your behalf.

Currently the Geaux Green waitlist is for larger commercial and industrial clients only at this time. Residential, small business and low income will be able to enroll at a later date.*

*Please note that the Geaux Green subscriptions fees will be updated and finalized by December 31, 2023. Once finalized, Entergy Louisiana will contact customers on this waitlist to finalize their subscription, contract amendment, etc.  If you have additional questions regarding this process, please contact your Entergy Louisiana account manager.
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50,000 kW

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